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How to Create an Afro on Fine, Curly Hair

Last week, I posted a picture of my glorious Afro on social media. It wasn’t my intention for it to be a true Afro but it turned out that way and I loved it! My curls are more on the fine side and take work to keep the volume. I have a few tricks to share that helped me create this look.

1. The Cut: I’m not saying it’s impossible to achieve this look without a shorter cut but it sure does make it easier. My haircut is slightly below my chin, with bangs and lots of layers. I have an amazing hairdresser (Shai Amiel) that specializes in curly haircuts and understands my vision of curls with volume. Check out Shai’s Instagram for ideas.

2. Clean Hair: Don’t overdo it on the hair products! Too many of them and your fro will fall flat. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, try lightweight styling products in your curls a like leave-in conditioner spray or a lightweight curl cream. Avoid all heavy curl creams or hair oils. Be sure to let your hair completely dry before moving onto the next step. You can also do this on 2nd and 3rd day hair.

3. Bantu Knots: This is where the magic happens. Before I went to bed, I untangled my curls and sectioned off my hair. Starting on the bottom half of my hair, I made 2 inch sections and simply twisted each section until it was locked. Then, I wrapped the lock into a mini bun securing it with a bobby pin. I continued this until I had around 10 sections. I finished this off by applying my satin bonnet and saying goodnight.

4. A Pick: The next morning after removing my satin bonnet, I removed the bobby pins and untwisted the Bantu Knots.  Once untwisted, I slowly separated each individual section with my fingers. Next, I flipped my head over placing my fingers near the root to gently shake out the twists. Take your pick and lift at the roots to create more volume. If necessary, use the pick to do some light teasing to keep your Afro in place.

5. Pat and Spray: To keep my Afro from falling flat, I used a patting motion to press the hair closer to the scalp and then used a hairspray to set it in place.

If you’d like to see a video tutorial on this please comment below.

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