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curl tips

  • If you must use a shampoo, make sure it is sulfate-free. This will reduce irritation, color fading, dryness, frizz, and shedding.

  • Conditioner is a must for curly hair! Use a moisturizing conditioner when washing your curls.

  • After applying conditioner, detangle curls with a wide tooth comb. Seperate hair into 4 sections and detangle from the ends up to the roots. Be gentle!

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Apply in the shower or when washing hair and cover hair with a plastic shower cap for 10 minutes. For severely damaged hair, apply a heating cap over the plastic shower cap. (Use as directed by heating cap manufacturer.)

  • During your final rinse, rinse hair in the direction that it is to be styled.

  • Dry hair with microfiber towels or old t-shirts. Do not tug on hair!.

  • Apply a leave in conditioner after washing hair to lock in moisture.

  • Depending on your curl type, apply a curl product. These include: serums, oils, glazes, creams, moisturizers, gels, milks, puddings and butters. (Check out our Curl Types page to determine what type of products are right for your curls.)

  • After applying a curl product, slide duck bill clips in at the roots to add volume. Duckbill clips should be applied on their sides, not flat. Diffuse on a low heat setting. Do not dry completely with a diffuser. When hair is almost dry, remove duckbill clips. Wait for hair to completely dry, then flip your head over and gently shake out curls only at the roots. Finish by flipping your head upright and gently scrunching curls.


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