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Why I’m Done With The Satin Bonnet

For years and years and years I’ve slept with a satin bonnet to protect and preserve my precious curls. However, for a few reasons I’m no longer using it. If you’d like to learn why I’m done with the satin bonnet watch this video. ***GIVEAWAY*** Rules… 1. You must be subscribed to my channel. Subscribe now! 2. You must be ...

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Night Time and 2nd Day Curly Hair Routine

There are many challenges a women with curls may experience. Two of those challenges can be preserving your curls at night as well as how to style your curls on the 2nd day. ¬†Instead of typing my usual blog post I thought I would demonstrate in a video tutorial. Scroll down and click play to watch. Enjoy and don’t forget ...

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How to Create an Afro on Fine, Curly Hair

Last week, I posted a picture of my glorious Afro on social media. It wasn’t my intention for it to be a true Afro but it turned out that way and I loved it! My curls are more on the fine side and take work to keep the volume. I have a few tricks to share that helped me create ...

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