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Sh*t Girls with Fine, Curly Hair Say

My curls might seem perfect at times but don’t let them fool you! I have my struggles and so do a lot of other girls with fine, curly hair. I just finished my first collaboration with a couple of my curl-friends that know all about the fine, curly struggle. So if you want to see what I go through day to day, just keep watching…

Check out these girls to see their take on this! They also have fine, curly hair and understand the struggle.

Rocio (RisasRizos)

Jacqueline (jjlomax)

And we want to do a special tag to Charmaine (MissCharmsie) because she gets it! Check out her page….

Lastly, if you want to share your pain then please join the choo-choo train. You are officially tagged!

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