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Recycling Cosmetics

shutterstock-recycleRecently, I posted an article on when to throw out your expired beauty products. However, instead of throwing them away why not be responsible and recycle them? Their are many brands that are acting responsibly but let’s applaud three of my favorites. Check out what these particular brands are doing to keep the recycle cycle alive.

One of my favorite programs is from MAC Cosmetics. Back to MAC is essentially a program that lets you bring back 6 of their products (in MAC packaging) for recycling in exchange for any free MAC lipstick. Say what? I’d do anything for a MAC lipstick in Lady Danger! Now that’s what I call, ‘giving and receiving’.

The Return to Origins Recycling Program takes back any and all brands of empty cosmetic containers. Simply bring your emptys back to any Origins store or counter and they will have them shipped to a recycling location. This program is not only available in the U.S. but Canada, U.K., Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. For more information on Origins and their commitment visit their website.

Last on this list is Aveda’s Cap Collection Program. Aveda teamed up with over 1600 schools to collect rigid plastic bottle caps (with the #5 within the recycling symbol) to be recycled and remade into caps for their hair care products. The program was so successful that they are no longer accepting any more schools to contribute to their program. Aveda’s website has even provided a cap collection guide for their visitors to determine which caps are good and bad. If you’d like more information on this program contact Aveda at [email protected]

These are three programs that I consider some of my favorites for not only the quality of their products but their environmental responsibility. Many beauty brands have great products but why not purchase from the one’s that go the extra mile?




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