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IMATS 2013

IMATS-GlowIn the weeks leading up to the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Pasadena, I’ve been as giddy as a little school girl. The thoughts of rows on rows of eye shadows, lipsticks, makeup palettes, airbrush machines, makeup tools and workshops almost made my head explode. I’ve been to the IBS (International Beauty Show) in Las Vegas a few times before and I enjoyed myself but I’ve come to realize that there were loads of booths that I had no interest in. It’s a makeup artist’s dream to attend this show to inspire creativity, see the upcoming trends in makeup, attend workshops and of course stock up for the year.

It was a bit discouraging to walk up to the Pasadena convention center when I saw a line forming around the whole building. However, once the doors opened the line moved quick. Upon entering I felt the sense of crazed women and men bombarding their ways to every booth. Lines formed immediately and I knew that I needed to boogie if I wanted to avoid them. Ardell lashes? Yes, please! I will take 6 to start. Iwata Ninja Jet Compressor? Why not! Within 3 hours and some push and shoves, my makeup kit was complete.

In between the madness, I observed the talent of students from the special FX schools. A stilted goblin with creepy talons at EI School of Professional Makeup and a Gothic warrior princess at Cinema Makeup School were my two favorites of the day. The artistry and patience it must take to be a special FX makeup artist is creative and inspiring.

The best part of the day? Coming home to dive head first into my sea of makeup. The lengthy queues will not be missed but I will return next year. With the inspiration I witnessed and enormous amount of makeup purchased, I should be occupied for some time.

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