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How to hide a bald spot

I have a little secret…my hair isn’t as full as you think. Before I went natural, I wore hair extensions for many years. I loved them at the time (mainly because I didn’t know how to deal with my curls) but didn’t realize that the damage I was doing to my front edges.

My hair is naturally curly but fine. The weight of my extensions pulled down on my baby hairs resulting in hair loss. Not a good look for a girl in her 20’s. It wasn’t until the last year that my bald spots showed a tiny improvement (thanks to an improvement in my diet and supplements) but I still have to deal with it today.

I decided to do this video so that others with this problem have an option. It’s only temporary but it works…Click on the video below.

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  1. is there a gel to use on blonde hair???

    • I did a little research but couldn’t find a gel to use on blonde hair. I would try just a clear styling gel for hold. The gel part is optional as I only use it when I wear my hair slicked back. Hope that helps.

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