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How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Achieving the perfect curl isn’t always as simple as wash and go. There are curly hair techniques, products and tools that can take your curls from average to wow in a matter of minutes. A must have necessity in any curly girls routine is a hair diffuser.  A hair diffuser is typically a circular attachment that is added to a blow dryer to diffuse air. Used correctly it can gently dry curls without frizz, add spring to curls and add volume. For a step by step tutorial on how I diffuse my curly hair, continue to read on.

Step 1: Start with cleansed, wet hair. It’s important that the hair is cleansed properly so be sure to cleanse your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. Because you will be adding heat to your hair, leaving a deep conditioner is a good addition to prep. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb during your conditioning phase.

Step 2: Many of you will be quick to dry your curls with any towel but this is where you have to be the most careful. Frizz will begin to form during the drying process. I like to use either a soft, microfiber towel or soft paper towels (Viva brand are my favorite) to just cup the ends of my curls. This is basically so I don’t drip all over the bathroom floor.

While my hair is still wet, apply a leave-in conditioner and distribute throughout my hair. I then continue with a curl cream, working the cream all over my hands from fingertip to bottom of my hand. Flipping my head over, I rake the cream from root to tip starting on the back of my head, the sides and using whatever is left through the front of my hair. After completing all sides, I flip my head back upright adding more curl cream and distributing the cream in reverse (from the tips to the root). I do this in reverse so that the crown of my head doesn’t get over saturated with product. I finish this step off by gently scrunching the ends all over.

Step 3: Attach your diffuser to your hair dryer and begin to diffuse your curls. Your diffuser should be on the lowest heat and fan setting for the best results. In my experience, too much heat and high fan settings cause major frizz and burn the scalp. Diffuse in sections, starting from the front to back. I alternate in the techniques. Sometimes I section off my curls to fit inside the diffuser and scrunch them upwards and sometimes I just wave the diffuser over my curls without touching them. Both techniques work but I find by not touching the top half of my curls, the appearance of frizz is less likely.

In both techniques, I always flip my head over and diffuse underneath. I spend most of my drying time in this position because I want maximum volume. This is typically the point where I will do most of my dryer scrunching because you don’t notice the frizz as much on the bottom half of your curls. Lastly, don’t dry your hair 100%. Doing so may cause unnessary frizz.

Step 4: Don’t touch your hair! Let it air dry the rest of the way and your results will be beautiful. If you want to seperate your curls or add any additional styling wait until your hair is completely dry.


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