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BB Creams vs. CC Creams

One of the hottest and most innovative beauty trends in today’s world include BB and CC creams. But, what are they? What do they do? How do you use them? What is the difference between the two? These might be some of the questions you might have before making that purchase. Below is a quick explanation of the difference between BB creams vs. CC creams.

BB Creams: Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm is an all in one beauty cream that is your moisturizer, sun protection, primer and a touch of foundation all in one. Many also include anti-aging benefits or antioxidants. They are designed to cut down the amount of products making them the ultimate multi-tasker. The cream texture is a bit heavier than your average tinted moisturizer.

CC Creams: Color and Correcting Cream has the same benefits as a BB cream but they also fade dark spots, uneven skin tone and acne scars. In essence, CC creams treat the skin while providing coverage. Many of the CC creams that I have tried tend to have a lighter texture and coverage than a BB Cream.

Which one is for you?

In my experience,  BB creams have more coverage than CC creams. CC creams are great for everyone but those with dark spots, uneven skin tone or acne scars might benefit more. Not only will a CC cream provide coverage but over time they are designed to fade those dark spots and acne scars. If your skin is in great condition or you just prefer more coverage, a BB cream will do the trick.

How to use a BB/CC cream?

Although you can use a BB/CC cream with a foundation brush, I prefer to use my hands when applying. I feel it works better with the warmth of your hands. When thinking about it, I wouldn’t use my makeup brush to apply my moisturizer, primer, eye cream or SPF so why would I use it for a BB /CC cream.

With the beauty world crazy for BB and CC creams, which product will be for you?

Would love to hear your comments on which BB or CC cream is your favorite…

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