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The Perfect Cat Eye

photo (7)Want a cat-eye that looks like a pro? Well, achieving the perfect cat-eye is a skill that takes time and practice. There are a few tips that can make the learning experience a whole lot easier and faster for a beginner. Why not fake it like a pro with these options?

1. Play connect the dots: Don’t we all just love innovation? Two-Faced has the perfect tool for beginners that want to achieve a cat-eye with ease. The Two-Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool has 3 pointed tips that can have multiple uses. Instead of swiping on an eyeliner with a shaky hand, why not add dots along the lash line and then connect them with ease?

2. Makeup wipes: This is my preferred method when I make mistakes. After applying eye-shadow and/or eyeliner, take a makeup wipe and wrap it around the tip of your index finger. Using the wipe, swipe under the eye area and extend the wipe toward your temple or end of your eyebrow (depending on how you prefer your angle).  This will clean up any eye-shadow fallout and define the end point of your cat-eye. You can also use pointed q-tips dipped in makeup remover to define your cat-eye. Try Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Towelettes and Q-tips Precision Tips.

3. Shadow Shields: Another wonderful innovative product.  The Shadow Shield has a sticky back that stays in place when applied. It’s crescent shaped so it fits perfectly under the eye and extends out far enough to guide your cat-eye. No need to fix your cat-eye or eye-shadow fallout, just remove and voilà!

4. Credit Card/Business Card: Have a maxed out credit credit? Wipe that puppy down with some alcohol and you will have yet another way to achieve your cat-eye. Just place the card at the end of your eye and angle it toward the end of your eyebrow. Follow the line of the credit card with your favorite eyeliner and enjoy a crisp, sharp line! Tip: This also works with a business card.



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