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My Fears of Going Natural

Author: London Hamilton

While going natural is a major growing trend, there are still some of us who are afraid to let go of weaves! I myself have tried out both but I’m trying to transition back to wearing my hair natural. When I was a natural gal my hair grew and gained thickness, which was great. The only thing I started to despise was wetting my hair everyday and constantly going through the process of using different products. I started to become lazy and decided to try out a weave. Having a weave cut down my “getting ready” process. From that point on, I became spoiled with the luxury of quick and easy.

Here are my pros and cons to having a weave.

Pros include:

  • Less maintenance
  • Hair growth
  • Less heat damage
  • Time saver
  • Confidence booster

Cons include:

  • Neglecting hair care for the parts that are braided up
  • Heat damage to exposed sections of your natural hair
  • Hair thinning
  • Expensive upkeep
  • Changes the natural texture

My fears of having to convert my hair back to its natural state has prevented me from going natural. I have very soft, curly hair that can be difficult to manage everyday. Waking up in the morning and not worrying about what battle I’m going to fight with my hair is great. Knowing whether or not it’s going to be a good hair day is also a great thing.

Nevertheless, natural hair suits me better. I feel it’s a much smarter route because my hair will get the proper care it deserves. My hair will be constantly conditioned and able to breathe.  I’ll be able to run my fingers freely through my own hair. Although I will have to go through an abundance of trial and error, having my beautiful defined curls back will be worth the headache. I can proudly say that I will be transitioning to wearing my hair natural again very soon!

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