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Travel Sized Wonders







Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: My wonder wipes. Simple products are safe for every skin type. They’re perfect for before the flight begins and when it ends. I typically won’t spend time in the restroom washing my face so these wipes are great. I wipe my face right as we are taking off.  When we are about to land, I use them around my eyes if I have mascara or liner that is smudged.

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil 1.7 oz.: My wonder oil. Flying can really dry out your skin. A couple drops of this oil applied to my face boosts and locks in moisture instantly. It also keeps my cuticles healthy which is a must when I’m in between my gel nail appointments. Lastly, this product works wonderful in my naturally, curly hair. Right before we take off, I smooth a few drops through my curls. Then, I pull my curls into high ponytail and wrap a satin scrunchie around it for the duration of the flight. (I know, I know…a scrunchie.)

DevaCurl Set It Free 3 oz.: My wonder spray. Normally, I use this as a second day curl styling product but it’s perfect for flights when you’re in between naps. 30 minutes before landing, I’ll excuse myself to the restroom, undo my scrunchie and spray as needed into my curls. Next, I flip my head over and scrunch gently. By the time you land, refreshed curls once again.

In addition to my must have products, there are a variety of online sites that specialize in all other travel sized necessities. www.flight001.com and www.3floz.com are 2 of my favorites. These sites are great for the lazy packer that wants to avoid a trip to the store. So whether it’s a curl-refresher spray or a scrunchie, a women of mixed-race may require some special items in her carry-on to maintain that fresh look off the plane.

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