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Shai Amiel: A Curls Best Friend

Once upon a time, I wore long, straight hair extensions. I’m proud to say I have spent the last 7 years “weave free”. As soon as I took my extensions down my good friend gifted me, Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorainne Massey. Needless to say, that as soon as I read that book I was on the hunt for a Deva Cut! The Deva Cut, is a dry cutting technique designed for curly hair. I was so used to a wet cut that I didn’t know any better. Luckily, social media outlets like Tumblr and Instagram helped me find Shai Amiel, a curl’s best friend.

Shai, also known as the ‘Curl Doctor’, was one of a select few that was trained under Massey to master her Deva Cut. He opened up Capella Salon in Studio City, Los Angeles and has been in high demand ever since. I found Shai by following girls on Instagram with the haircuts that I wanted. It wasn’t until Christina Santini (@santinihoudini) posted Shai’s information, that I knew he was the one. I crazily stalked his Instagram page looking at before and after’s and was amazed at the results. Wasting no time, I booked my first appointment and never looked back.

My experiences have been nothing less than fabulous. Capella Salon is a beautiful space with a friendly staff. Shai is truly one of a kind and has treats my curls with the best care. He cuts hair dry, with a curl by curl method that I will never figure out on my own. I only get my haircut twice a year and the grow out process looks beautiful in between cuts with him. Thanks to Shai, I’ve received more compliments than ever and I’ve embraced my curls once again.

For more information on Shai Amiel please follow and visit:

Capella Salon
12930 Ventura Blvd. #216
Studio City, CA 91604

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  1. Thanks for this info!!!! I have been looking for someone to do a Deva Cut on my and was going to go all the way to Santa Barbara… Capella Salon in Studio City is so much closer to my place, just down the street! Happy Girl!