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Melting Pot Beauties Joey Williams and Robbie Hardy

Chung Marie 1If you think beauty and brains don’t exist, think again. Meet our Melting Pot Beauties, Joey Williams and Robbie Hardy. Robbie and Joey are models that have been involved in the industry for over 12 years. And….they’re definitely not the shy types which have made them very successful. They linked up with the creative and artistic photographer, Eric Ita as well as a fantastic team of makeup artists and hair stylists. Together, they created the Chung Marie Group of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Chung Marie Group is a full service creative production company that caters to their clients visions. Whether you’re looking an edgy fashion shot or a charming portrait, their creative genes will cover all bases. Their services include:  model portfolios, head shots, family portraits, maternity portraits, special events, film and television and much more. In addition, they work with children of all ages, providing an energetic and playful environment.

Growing up, Robbie [Chung ( Korean and African  American)] was raised in North Carolina and Joey [Marie (Puerto Rican, Italian and African American)] was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I asked them if they struggled with their mixed race they both responded, “No more than the usual mixed chick. Not knowing where to sit in the cafeteria and what not.” Although you can’t tell from this photo, their curly hair is as big as their personalities. Robbie can’t live without Paul Mitchell sculpting foam and Joey swears by Sebastian Potion 9. In addition, Chap Stick, nail polish remover and hemp lotion were high on their beauty lists.

All in all, these two ladies used their experiences to create a fantastic production group. Where do they see themselves in 5 to 10 years? “Taking over the world, one production at a time.” The message they’d like to send to bi-racial/multi-racial women is, “Be original and don’t be scared of your big hair. Brown is beautiful. Let your freak flag flyyyyy!” For more information on the Chung Marie Group, please visit:


Twitter/Instagram: @chungmariegroup

Eric Ita Photography:

Photo Credit: Eric Ita Photography/Chung Marie Productions





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