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How to Check for Expired Beauty Products

Hey friends! This is going to be one of my more long and detailed videos but it’s packed with valuable information. Today’s topic? Beauty Product Expiration. This will mainly focus on makeup but I do touch a bit on skin care, body wash and some hair products.

Why it’s important…

Many of us are guilty of holding onto old makeup and beauty products. (I know I’m a total hoarder when it comes to my personal stash). It can be disappointing to let go of something discontinued or that you’ve only used once or twice. However, for your own personal safety it is important to toss expired products so that you don’t take on bacteria that can lead to blemishes, irritations, infections and a continuous cold/flu symptoms.

How to Check…

One of the easiest ways to check if a product has expired is looking for the open container symbol located on most beauty products. It is know as a PAO symbol which stands for the Period After Opening. This determines how long you have until the products expires once opened. More importantly, check the smell, texture, color, if it’s separated and if it still works.


(Always Check PAO First, Expiration Varies)

Mascara: 2-3 mos.
Liquid & Gel Liners/Cream Eyeshadows: 3-6 mos.
Pencil Eyeliner: Up to 2 years
Liquid Foundation: Up to 1 year
Certain Cream, Stick Foundations, Concealers: Over 1 year
Powder Formulas (Eyeshadows, Blush, Foundations): 1-2 years
Primers (Eyes & Face): 6 mos. to 1 year
Cream Blush/Highlighters: 1-2 years
Lip liners: Up to 2 years
Lipsticks: 1-2 years
Lipgloss/Lipstains: 1-2 years

Sunscreen: Expiration varies. Some say 6 mos. up to 3 years but many sunscreens have an expiration date listed. I’d rather be safe than sorry with sunscreen because I want it to be effective and protect myself from sun damage and developing skin cancer.

Face Cleansers/Body Wash/Scrubs: 1-2 years

Face Moisturizers/Face Lotions: 6 mos. to 1 year. (Ingredients Vary)

Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling Products: 1 year


FDA: Shelf Life/Expiration Dating

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