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DIY Halloween Ideas for Curly Hair

With Halloween rolling around and costumes galore, it’s always fun to embrace curly hair. In this article I’ve assembled 3 different recreated celebrity costumes that can incorporate your naturally curly hair. The DIY costumes in this article are: Prince Purple Rain, Jessie Spano from Saved By The Bell and Baby North West. Check out what these 3 YouTubers created!



Rochelle Masella | DiscoCurls

DIY Prince Purple Rain

(Outfit Details)

•Purple Cardigan/Purple Blazer-Preferably a drapey cardigan one without buttons
•Silver Pyramid Trim-I got mine at Joann’s Fabrics. It is by Project Runway
•Hot Glue Gun
•Needle & Thread
•White turtleneck or Frilly Blouse
•1/2 Yard of Chiffon Style White Fabric (Cut into a wide strip)
•Safety Pins
•Shoulder Pads
•Black Leggings

•Freshly washed & dried hair (use gel for extra definition)
•Pomade or Edge Control
•Hair Pick

•Dior AirFlash Shade 300
•LA Girl Pro Conceal-Pure Beige
•Anastasia BH Brow Powder Duo-Chocolate (Darker Shade)
•Black Eyeliner & Mascara
•Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
•Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil
•Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil-Midnight Brown
•Maybelline Color Sensational-Untainted Spice

Instagram: @Discocurls
Twitter: @Discocurls
Facebook: @Discocurls
SnapChat: @DiscoCurls



Rocio Isabel | RisasRizos

Jessie Spano I’m So Excited | Halloween Costume

(Outfit Details)

Grey Sweatshirt, tights and white shoes: Forever 21
Head piece: American Apparel
Socks: Walmart
Pill Bottle: Whatever you have in your cabinet boo!

Instagram: @RisasRizos
Twitter: @RisasRizos
Facebook: @ItsRisasRizos
Snapchat: @RisasRizos
Periscope: @RisasRizos



Charmaine Daudu | MissCharmsie

(Outfit Details)

Blazer – Goodwill
Gold Buttons – Michaels
Bodysuit – American Apparel
Tutu – Party City

Instagram: @Charmsie
Twitter: @Misscharmsie
Facebook: @Misscharmsie

The Halloween season can be stressful and overwhelming trying to find the perfect costumes! Every video above is easy, creative and affordable. It’s always nice to recreate super cute costumes and save a little in your pocketbook. Natural gals can utilize each costume and love their hair while doing so!

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