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Curly Gibson Tuck Tutorial

Whether I’m having a real lazy day, a failed twist-out or 3rd day hair, I have found a quick and simple updo that anyone can do. It’s called the Gibson Tuck and it literally takes a minute to do. I believe traditionally you start with a low ponytail but the way that I show you is a bit different. Scroll down below for an easy picture tutorial.

1. Start with you 3rd or 4th day hair. Or if you have a failed twist-out like me that will do too.


2. This looks great if you use a headband with a fancy design but any headband with an elastic band will do.

3. Place the elastic headband over the top of your head as if you were wearing a crown.

4. Gather your hair into a low ponytail. No elastic needed.

5. Roll the ponytail upward and tuck it over and into the headband elastic. Continue the roll and tuck along the sides.



6. Leave bangs or some loose stands of hair out to add to the look. That’s it! The look is complete!

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